Estas Camshaft Industry is one of the largest independent camshaft producers in the world, producing camshafts for OEM and aftermarket customers since 1973.
The name ESTA┼× is a Turkish acronym for Ekstantrik Sanay─▒ ve Ticaret Anonim ┼×irketi. Translated into English, it stands for Camshaft Industry and Trading Company Incorporated. The last S in ESTA┼× actually has a tail on it, or a cedilla. This is indicated by the little dot beneath the S in our logo. This morpheme is pronounced sh in the Turkish language. So in Turkey, we pronounce our name as Estash. But in the West, we simply say Estas.

The Turkish expression for camshaft is eksantrik mili, which literally means eccentric shaft.
Estas Camshaft was established in 1973 in Sivas, Turkey, by Turkish engineers who worked at German automotive companies such as BMW and Mercedes in the late sixties and early seventies. It was the very first producer of automotive camshafts established in Turkey.

With German engineering expertise and machinery, the Estas Founders were quickly able to earn a reputation for producing quality camshafts at a competitive price, helping establish Turkey's fledgling automotive industry. Estas Camshaft was able to expand rapidly to become the predominant supplier of automotive camshafts for the domestic market. It was also among the very first Turkish manufacturers to establish itself credibly in the export market, capable of meeting the quality requirements of the West, but at a more competitive price.

Today, Estas Camshaft is Turkey's largest automotive camshaft producer, with facilities occupying over 300,000 square feet of buildings over 26 acres of land. The facilities include a foundry that specializes in chill-casting, and a machining plant that features the most recent equipment and technologies for producing many varieties of camshafts for modern engines. Estas produces camshafts for passenger car, performance racing, motorcycle, diesel, marine, and locomotive applications, for customers world-wide.
Since 1979, Estas has been manufacturing camshafts as original equipment, and today, sixteen vehicle producers feature Estas camshafts as original equipment in their engines. Estas has current ISO TS-16949, ISO 9001, and RW TUV/Germany Certifications, and implements the required quality control procedures in all aspects of engineering and production, meeting the quality requirements of some of the world's toughest OEM customers. Our OEM customers include Cummins, Caterpillar, Fiat, Ford, Perkins, Peugot, Renault, and Volkswagen, among others.

Estas Camshaft is also the world leader in producing after-market camshafts and currently exports to 24 nations located on nearly every continent, with the United States and Europe being our largest markets.

Estas currently produces just over a million camshafts annually. Our foundry is capable of casting over 2 million cam cores annually.

Estas is a global leader in automotive camshaft manufacturing, and is capable of meeting demand from all over the world. Please contact us about your camshaft application today.
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