If you need to develop a new camshaft or a custom lobe profile, Estas has the technical expertise and years of production experience to realize your custom camshaft application.
Estas has engineers with decades of experience producing all varieties of camshafts, and are capable of bringing any such camshaft into production. Our engineers can also assist with custom development applications, whether it's a variation on an existing camshaft, or a completely new production design.

The Estas production catalog is extensive, with over one-thousand unique camshafts tooled and production-ready. But if you need a camshaft that we do not currently produce, we can develop it for you.

Additionally, our engineers can design custom lobe profiles to meet your specifications, generated by our proprietary CAD design system, smooth up to the fifth derivative of lift, and precise up to a millionth of an inch. We can generate custom engineering reports to document the properties of a certain lobe profile, allowing you to tailor a design to meet your performance or efficiency application.

Contact us with your custom camshaft application today.
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