The heart of the Estas facility is the machining plant, equipped with the latest in high-precision grinding technology, capable of fabricating any kind of camshaft.
The heart of the Estas Factory is the machining plant, capable of producing over a million finished camshafts annually. The Estas machining plant occupies 120,000 square feet and includes the latest automated equipment in use today - multi-axis mills, drills, lathes, grinders, and super-finishers, with inspection and quality-control check-stations throughout the plant. There are machines to handle virtually any process required for the production of a modern camshaft, including the world's highest precision Swiss and German grinders.

Camshaft production begins with the raw steel cores, which are either cast in the Estas foundry, or delivered as forgings or extruded-billets from one of our partners. The cores make their way through the stages of machining to either semi-finished or fully-finished cams. Non-chilled cams are then delivered to the heat-treatment facility, where the primary wear surfaces are hardened using one of our steel-hardening processes. Cams can be treated by either induction hardening, flame hardening, or gas carburizing, depending on the requirements of the customer.

From there, cams are sent through the final precision grinding processes. Tolerances for these processes is very tight. The grinding processes are controlled closely using statistical techniques such as Six Sigma, as required by some of our OEM customers. The quality and inspection controls utilize automated, high-precision optical and sensor inspection equipment.

For camshaft manufacturing, Estas Camshaft is one of the highest-technology independent facilities in the world today.
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